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NANO CLEANING AND PROTECTION SET Presentation of the Pack:The Universal Cleaner combined with the Joint Water Repellent makes up a powerful cleaning and protection solution for various surfaces. The Universal Cleaner ideally prepares surfaces for treatment with Water Repellent Joints. This combination not only ensures a clean surface but also long-lasting…

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Frequently asked questions

  • How often should I use the Tile Grout Cleaning and Protection Set?

For best results, we recommend using the set once every three months. However, frequency might vary based on the area’s usage and exposure to contaminants.
  • Is it safe for all types of tiles?

Yes, our set is designed for various surfaces. However, always test a small inconspicuous area first.
  • Can I use the product on surfaces other than tiles?

While optimized for tiles, it can be used on other surfaces. Always conduct a patch test first.
  • How long does the protection last?

The protective layer can last up to three months or more, depending on the surface’s usage and exposure.

Protection Set: Universal Cleaner and Hydrophobic Nano

Product Description:

This set provides comprehensive protection for your home, combining our Universal Cleaner and Hydrophobic. The Universal Cleaner is designed to effectively prepare surfaces before treatment, while the Hydrophobic ensures long-lasting protection against water and impurities.

Universal Cleaner:  Technical data sheet          Fiche technique

Our Universal Cleaner is a versatile solution, ideal for removing dirt and contaminants before applying any treatment. Its advanced formula efficiently eliminates grease, silicone, and wax residues, leaving your surfaces ready for protection.

Hydrophobic:  Technical data sheet         Fiche technique

Our Hydrophobic creates a durable hydrophobic barrier, preventing water and impurities from adhering to your tile joints. With high hydrophobicity and excellent abrasion resistance, this sealant extends the lifespan of your surfaces while making them easy to clean.


Apply our Universal Cleaner to the surfaces to be treated, ensuring to remove any visible dirt. Then, apply our Hydrophobic Sealant to the tile joints, following the specified temperature and humidity conditions.

Benefits of the Set:

  • Effective surface preparation before treatment.
  • Long-lasting protection against water and impurities.
  • Easy maintenance and extended lifespan of surfaces.
  • Compatibility with a variety of materials and surfaces.


Store the products in their original packaging, away from direct sunlight and at appropriate temperatures. Be sure to tightly close the containers after use to maintain their effectiveness.

Give your home ultimate protection with our Universal Cleaner and Hydrophobic Sealant Set. Prepare, protect, and extend the lifespan of your surfaces with these essential products.

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