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Self-Cleaning Windows – Unveil the Beauty of Effortless Cleanliness! Are your windows constantly under attack from the elements, leaving them streaked and dirty? Say hello to Nano protection Self-Cleaning Windows, an advanced nanotechnology solution that not only protects your windows but also redefines the way…

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Frequently asked questions

  • How often do I need to reapply NanoProtection?

The treatment remains active for several years under typical use and conditions, so frequent reapplications aren’t necessary.
  • Is there any special care required after application?

Not at all! Just ensure you avoid using concentrated detergents, but most household cleaners are perfectly safe.
  • Can I use it on tinted windows?

Absolutely, our product is versatile and suitable for a variety of window types, including tinted ones.
  • How does this compare to other products on the market?

NanoProtection stands out due to its UV stability, excellent abrasion resistance, and its ability to withstand nearly all cleaners, making it a superior choice.

Experience Crystal-Clear Brilliance: Elevate Your Space with NanoProtection SELF-CLEANING WINDOW

Product Overview: Nano protection SELF-CLEANING WINDOWS is a cutting-edge nanotechnology solution designed to shield windows from external elements. It creates an invisible nano-hydrophobic layer that repels water and dirt, ideal for roof windows, exterior windows, verandas, and pool enclosures.

Key Features:

  • High hydrophobicity (contact angle >105°)
  • Anti-adherent properties
  • Excellent “easy-to-clean” effect
  • Safe for contact with food
  • Invisible, permanent, and UV stable
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations
  • Simple application
  • High chemical resistance (excluding high pH >13)

Usage: Apply between temperatures of +5°C and +30°C, avoiding direct sunlight. Ensure the surface is clean and dry before application.

Surface Preparation: Clean the surface thoroughly, removing visible dirt, pollution, and traces of limestone. For persistent limestone, use NanoProtection ANTI LIMESTONE or a commercial anti-lime product, followed by NanoProtection GLASS AND CERAMIC CLEANER.

Application: Shake well before use and wear gloves. Directly spray SELF-CLEANING WINDOWS onto the surface, then spread and polish with a cloth until no residue remains. Allow to dry for 30 minutes without exposure to water or cleaning agents. Full drying takes 24 hours.

Maintenance: Easily clean treated surfaces with water. For additional cleaning, use NanoProtection UNIVERSAL CLEANER, as it is detergent-free. Avoid using other products that may diminish the hydrophobic effect.

Longevity: The treatment remains effective for several years under normal use and abrasion conditions, without the need for aggressive cleaning agents. The maximum duration on external glass exposed to UV is 5 to 6 years.


  1. Permanence and Durability: UV stability ensures long-lasting performance.
  2. Abrasion Resistance/Easy-to-Clean Effect: The chemical bond provides excellent resistance to abrasion.
  3. Chemical Stability: Resistant to most household and industrial cleaners, except concentrated detergents.

Storage: Store unopened for up to 2 years in its original packaging at temperatures between +5°C and +25°C, away from sunlight. Seal opened containers tightly.

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