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We are thrilled to introduce our supreme home care collection: the Multi Surface Ensemble, the Self-Cleaning Window Ensemble, and the Textile Protector. Each of these kits is crafted with cutting-edge technology to bestow your home with enduring protection and beauty. The Multi Surface Ensemble: This essential kit is the ultimate…

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Frequently asked questions

  • How often should I use the products in the Discovery Kit?

For optimal results, we recommend using the products as per individual needs. However, periodic reapplication ensures continued protection.
  • Are the products in the kit safe for all types of surfaces?

Yes, our Discovery Kit is designed for a variety of surfaces. Always read the instructions and test a small area first.
  • Can I use the Textile Protector on delicate fabrics?

Absolutely! Our Textile Protector is suitable for a range of fabrics, from delicate silks to everyday cotton. However, always conduct a patch test first.
  • How long does the protection last?

The longevity of protection varies based on the product and usage. However, with regular application, you can ensure your home remains protected for extended periods.

Discover the Nano Set

Dive into the world of nanotechnology with our NanoProtection Discovery Set, a comprehensive solution to protect and maintain all surfaces of your home, indoors and outdoors.

What’s included in the set:

  1. Nano protection Surface Cleaner and Decontaminant: Prepare your surfaces with our high-performance decontaminating cleaner, ideal for optimal preparation before applying any nano treatment.
  2. Nano protection Self-Cleaning Windows: Redefine the cleanliness of your windows with our nanotechnology-based self-cleaning solution, offering invisible protection against water and dirt, for effortless spotless windows.
  3. Nano protection Textile & Leather: Protect your indoor and outdoor textiles as well as leather with our nano treatment, effectively repelling water, dirt, and stains for increased durability and a consistently new look.

Why choose our Nano Discovery Set?

  • Complete Protection: Innovative solutions for every surface in your home, ensuring long-lasting and easy-to-maintain protection.
  • Cutting-edge Technology: Based on nanotechnology, our set offers invisible and highly effective protection.
  • Easy to Use: Clear instructions and simple application for a hassle-free user experience.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces, providing uniform protection throughout the house.
  • Guaranteed Quality: Manufactured to the highest quality standards, our NanoProtection Discovery Set assures exceptional results with every use.

Make your home a protected and spotless sanctuary with the NanoProtection Discovery Set. Order now and experience the difference nanotechnology can make in your daily life.


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