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The solutions we provide in surface treatment are based on the science of the infinitely small: nanotechnology.

a revolution in our society
Still untapped a few years ago, this 21st century science will carry important evolutions. Whether in the fields of medicine, health or industry, but also in the individual, the surfaces will obtain new properties in particular thanks to the self-cleaning products and “easy to clean”.

NanoProtection is an integral part of this path to progress, so with our products you will save: time, energy-but also money. In addition, you will reduce the maintenance of treated surfaces by simply using a damp cloth.

Coordinates in a certain way depending on the surface for which they are intended, nano structures provide unusual properties. This will allow them to secure themselves firmly to the treated surfaces, thus giving them long lasting protection, greatly reducing the effort and time allotted to household chores. The mode of operation of this “shield” is based on a property found in nature on the leaves of certain plants: the Lotus effect.

On these leaves, the Lotus effect concedes to the surface of self-cleaning capacities: by draining, the droplets of water remove with them dust and particles. The origin of self-cleaning lies in a double hydrophobic structure (i.e., which does not absorb water) from the surface. Nano treatments are completely imperceptible and do not alter the appearance of surfaces in any way. The main origins of nanotechnologies by definition, “nanotechnologies concern the design, characterization, production and application of structures, devices and systems through the control of shape and size on a scale nanometric “.

80000 TIMES SMALLER THAN A HAIR! 1 nanometer = 1 billionth of a metre.

As a guideline, a nanometer is the meter that a ball is to the Earth. By the purposeful construction of materials at the atomic level as well as the use of particular phenomena that appear on this small scale, an enormous abundance of new possibilities is open, in almost all sectors.

Molecular Engineering, which consists in building and enlarging molecules atom by Atom, by arranging them in order to obtain a given property.

Biological and medical communities exploit the properties of nanomaterials for a variety of applications, including promising advances in the fight against cancer. Functions can be increased to nanomaterials by interfacing with biological structures or molecules. Their size is indeed quite close. This integration allows the emergence of diagnostic or drug administration tools.

We can see advances in the field of storage, energy production and energy saving.

In electronics, the structures of the chips or integrated circuits are already at the proportion of the nanometer and intensively use nanotechnologies. Advances are constant in the areas of communication, information storage and computation.

Carbon nanotubes, nanometric structures with rare properties (solidity, lightness, conductivity…) have enormous capacity and applications are already being studied in medicine and aeronautics.

Nano protection Canada’s treatments are completely invisible and do not affect the appearance of surfaces in any way. Ii. The main principles of nanotechnology by definition, “nanotechnologies concern the design, characterization, production and application of structures, devices and systems through the control of shape and size on a scale nanometric “.

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