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The smartest way to use waterproofing.

Most of the time, raindrops fall on my head, but since I’ve waterproofed from hats to shoes, everything is fine with me! It allows me to hike in the mountains with gear that is reasonably dry longer while still allowing the materials to breathe. What a wonderful time to have such a fantastic experience, it’s the modern impregnation. However, waterproofing is an incredible privilege that should not be taken for granted. Sometimes when I’m on the road with one of my tried and true raincoats, I notice that my shoulders are suddenly too cold and a little moisture trickles down my back. Often, I get drenched in water and find that my jacket is no longer waterproof and I am soaked in no time.

What is the best way to avoid this?

Waterproofing spray is the best option. but unfortunately, rainwear can’t stay waterproof forever. That’s why I always keep the waterproofing treatment near my gear. Over the course of the year, I’ve refreshed the waterproofing on my rain coats when necessary and given my backpacking gear a full waterproofing treatment from time to time. No matter the country, rain is always to be expected, so I’ve learned to be cautious rather than wet.

Why waterproof?

Durable waterproofing is a coating that helps repel water and maintain the breathability of the fabric. It is typically applied to many garments, but can also be used on other outdoor gear. A permanent water repellent coating increases the surface tension of the fibers in your fabric and prevents water from penetrating and soaking your gear. A proper, durable water repellent coating allows water to bead up and run off the fabric. A good, long-term waterproof coating also provides UV protection and helps extend the life of your gear. If the permanent waterproof coating is damaged, you will notice wet spots where water has penetrated. These wet spots not only let water in, but they also affect the breathability and durability of your fabric by filling it with moisture. This can lead to what we call a bad time!

What about garments that have already been impregnated before purchase?

Often a durable water repellent coating applied prior to purchase will degrade over time. The first thing you’ll notice is that your waterproof jacket loses its quality in places where you move around or come into contact with it regularly, such as the cuffs and shoulders of the coat. This is because durable waterproof materials are easily destroyed by abrasion and rubbing. There are several factors responsible for degrading the durable water repellent treatment of your favorite garments, including movement, dirt, and machine washing.

Please note: there is no such thing as a permanent water repellent coating. Re-waterproofing is necessary to extend the life of your water-repellent gear, unless you want to be drenched in water while playing your favorite sport.

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