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Vitre autonettoyante: how to keep your car clean for a long time?Although many surfaces may appear to be very resistant, there are many factors that can affect them and, in the worst cases, damage them. For these and other reasons, many people are always looking for a way to protect them.

Our belongings are a clear example of the above: we are always trying to take care of everything. Yes, everything: from something very small, such as a pair of glasses or a household appliance, to something of considerable size, such as our car.

We want to talk about the latter, the automobile. You already know us: we are Nanoprotection, and we are specialists in the waterproofing and care of any surface, for more than 10 years. We have a line of specialized products for vehicles, but this time we want to talk about something different.

Would you like to know how to keep your car windows clean for a long time? Or better yet, how to have them cleaned automatically! We are going to find out below, so take note of what you are about to read.

Discover Vitre autonettoyante: what is it for?

Hypothetical situation with which you could identify yourself: you washed your car a few days ago and the windows got dirty very quickly, in that short time. There are traces of dust or other agents that can damage them. What are you going to do at that moment? Wash it again, clean it with a product?

Discover Vitre autonettoyante: what is it for?

Don’t worry, because we present you Vitre autonettoyante. This wonderful product is originally intended for household surfaces: windows, large windows, shelters for swimming pools or bus stops… exterior glass, in general. But it works just as well on car windows, as they have a similar composition.

How does Vitre autonettoyante work?

The function of Vitre autonettoyante is simple: it waterproofs glass surfaces, thus protecting them from dirt and other annoying factors that can affect them. But the best part doesn’t end there.

Because Vitre autonettoyante eliminates the adherence of water to surfaces, it can be used as its own cleaner. That is to say, if some kind of dirt adheres to the glass, it would be enough to apply water to make it slip and become shiny.

In automobiles this comes in handy, as cleaning is greatly facilitated. In the rainy season this can even be a way to save water, as the glass would be cleaned without any human interaction.

How to protect car windows with Vitre autonettoyante?

Protecting your car windows will be the easiest thing in the world if you use Vitre autonettoyante. We’ll explain how right now. We would like to clarify that, although we will talk about cars, this process is totally valid also for any other similar surface (like the aforementioned ones we have at home).

So how should Vitre autonettoyante be applied? You are going to learn it right now, with this brief guide. Pay close attention, here we go!

How to apply Vitre autonettoyante?

Applying Vitre autonettoyante is very simple. To carry out this process, you only need a bottle of the product, and one or two cloths or paper towels. The first step is to clean the surface to be treated. Ideally, wash it, leave it free of any dirt (such as dust or grease) and wait for it to dry.

Once the glass surface is ready, apply Vitre autonettoyante directly, preferably by spraying. Now, with the help of a cloth or paper towel, you should spread the product over the rest of the surface, using circular movements. When the product is well spread, let it dry for a few minutes.

When the glass has dried, with another cloth or paper towel you should polish it, to avoid stains. Once this is finished, the surface will be totally protected and waterproofed. Don’t you think so? Do the test, throw some water on it and you will see how it slips!

But the best part doesn’t end there: you will be able to enjoy this protection for your windows for up to five or six years… just as you read! For a more illustrative explanation, watch this video, where the whole process has been carried out on a window:

Do you want to protect the glass of your car or window? Buy Vitre autonettoyante with Nanoprotection

As you have seen, Vitre autonettoyante is a wonderful product to protect glass surfaces of any kind. We hope we have cleared up all your possible doubts, and that you now know how to keep your car windows clean for a long time, it’s a very easy thing to do! Buy it by clicking here.

Also, if you want to protect your car in general, we remind you that we have a complete line of specialized products for vehicles, such as a wonderful ceramic treatment. On the other hand, if you want to better protect your belongings and home areas, we recommend these five products that you should have.

Discover our protection kits, or explore other specialized products in our store for the home or for sports equipment. Visit our blog for more great tips like these.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to hear from you! Trust us, because we are Nanoprotection and we have great experience in the area of surface care and waterproofing – we offer care you won’t be able to resist!

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