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As an importer, our standards are high: taking into account our environment, we want to protect people and make their lives easier. Anti-fouling coatings reduce work and save cleaning products. Invisible coatings on work clothes protect professionals from stains and weather.

We support and provide high-quality products to merchants and traders, and high-performance multifunctional coatings to users. In more than 70 countries, businesses and consumers benefit from their advantages.

What we do:

Ceramic Shield

Ceramic sealants protect against UV rays on a molecular level. A three-dimensional crystalline network allows water to bead due to a lower surface tension. The protection is maintained over the entire paint surface if a neutral pH cleaner is used. Normally, the end user must have their car glazed. We also offer consumer-grade ceramic coating products.

Nano Vitrification

“Nano” (from Greek: dwarf) is a billionth of a meter. Ultra-thin coatings prevent lime scale formation in the bathroom, for example on shower cabins, as in the case of nano-vitrification, or simply make wine bead on cushions and T-shirts. Nano-vitrifications have no influence on UV rays – wood undergoes its characteristic aging as desired, but remains free of mold and moss.

Impregnation Spray

In the past, waterproofing clothing or shoes was always at the expense of nature. Perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals contained in impregnation sprays polluted the environment. However, we have an ecologically sustainable solution that works in all weather conditions. Sprayed at a distance of 30 centimeters, our waterproofing spray technology reliably works after drying and is suitable for all outdoor textiles and shoes. Gore-Tex and Sympatex membranes can be re-impregnated when the effect fades.

Why Nano Protection:

a) Scratch protection

b) UV protection

c) Easy to use

d) High temperature resistance

e) Perfect finish.

Our supplier is at the forefront of technology, having initially focused on silicon dioxide (SiO2) technology and developing innovations primarily based on silane, polysilazane, and polysiloxane. However, their expertise has significantly expanded over the years, successfully incorporating other materials such as paraffins, hyperbranched polymers (dendrimers), and hybrid materials. By combining these materials, they have been able to eliminate weaknesses and reinforce strengths in their final products. The magic of their technology continues to amaze, even for those who know the processes involved.

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