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spring cleaning tipsOur awesome spring cleaning tips and products to make cleaning much easier!

Happy new year everyone! It’s time to look back and reflect on the challenging year that has passed to do better and be better. What we learned the most from it is that hygiene is a crucial part to be healthy, and that planning and preparing will make everything easier. For that reason, even though we are dreading the winter at the moment, we could already prepare for Spring cleaning – a “task” that is quite overwhelming sometimes!

Declutter before the official spring cleaning

We all know that it’s much easier to clean surfaces without any obstacles. You don’t have to wait until spring to get rid of the clothes you haven’t worn for 5 years, or the knick knacks that are collecting dust on your shelf. Give your unwanted or unused items to someone else that needs and appreciates them, through charity or even through yard sale! Your spring cleaning will be much less overwhelming!

Work from top to bottom

It might sound simple but people tend to forget it. Start from your ceiling and move the way down to your furniture and the last thing should be your floor. Don’t forget to clean your walls too! Your spring cleaning will be organized and easy to handle! With this order in mind, it’s also harder to miss a spot!

Be equipped for your spring cleaning

You don’t have to buy all the professional cleaning products to start your spring cleaning, but to be equipped with adequate tools will make the process easier and more efficient. We highly recommend our Nano Technology Multi-Surface treatment set. It includes a universal cleaner and a treatment, both ideal for smooth surfaces, cars, stainless steel appliances, faucets, outdoor kitchens, BBQ. Its non-stick properties prevent dirt from sticking to treated surfaces. The treatment protects against water marks, fingerprints and grease both in the culinary and sanitary environments as for the equipment inside the house. It doesn’t only cleanse but also protect! Your next round of cleaning will be hassle-free!

Team Nano!

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