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  • Set to make outdoor Windows self-cleaning-treatments and cleaning products – Nano protection

    Treatment to make outdoor Windows self-cleaning

    From: $44.00 From: $39.97

    The rain will take care for you to wash your Windows outside that's the Lotus effect! The dirt can no longer be embedded in the glass and thus collect effortlessly using a simple soft cloth lightly moistened. Water flows more easily and leaves fewer traces. You can see an immediate water-repellent effect of 5 years without a maintenance product.

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  • Treatment and protector for ceramics, glass & mirror

    From: $24.00 From: $21.97

    Glass, ceramics and mirrors will now be easy to maintain with NANO products! Both products allow you to effectively remove grease, soaps and dirt without damaging the material. Available in three sizes 50ml | 100ml | 250ml duration of action 1yr/12 months without using a maintenance product

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  • Stain remover and textile and leather protector

    From: $32.00 From: $28.97

    The coating encapsulates all the fibres with nanoparticles. The product does not change the appearance, TEXTIILE STAIN REMOVER is effective thanks to the innovative process of micro division. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor textiles. Available in several formats

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  • Treatment for chrome/stainless steel surfaces (stainless)

    From: $24.00 From: $21.97

    The stainless steel treatment eliminates the slightest impurities and leaves a surface shiny and liberated from any dirt. In a second time, the treatment is invisible protection to the hydrophobic and anti-adherent properties: finished the stains that encrusts, the dirt is stopped by this invisible shield that makes the surface "easy-to-clean" duration of action of 1yr/12 month

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  • Treatment – Anti-limestone/anti-dirt protection set for bathroom

    From: $58.00 From: $52.97

    3-step treatment!! Anti-limestone gel-glass and ceramic cleaner-glass and ceramic protective treatment! Both cleaners allow you to effectively eliminate limescale, limestone, rust and dirt without damaging the material and the protection treatment from nanotechnologies. See the water-repellent effect, the "easy to clean" effect

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  • Ceramic joint cleaner and treatment

    $37.00 $33.97

    A white seal deserves to stay blank. He also fights fouling joints. Water-repellent / oil-repellent product for waterproofing interior and exterior ceramic joints. Attention, treatment is not suitable for silicone joints. Treatment period: 10 years.

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  • Nano products discovery

    $108.00 $97.20

    Discover the 7 most popular products of NANO cleaner and protection. You will discover the products of the essential nanotechnologies thanks to this ensemble.

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  • Multi-surface treatments for the house

    $172.00 $154.97

    Ecological and economical, the whole will allow you to clean and protect several surfaces of your home... at a reduced price. Test the revolution and innovation of a real solution for the maintenance of your surfaces!    

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  • Concrete deck set-treatments and cleaning products-Nano protection

    Concrete terrace/stone/plain paving

    $415.00 $372.97

    The selection of our 8 best outdoor products to restore the shine of your patio and protect from bad herbs. From concrete to textiles through your BBQ. A hydrophobre shield that lets the materials breathe.

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