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The solarium is one of the most pleasant rooms in the house. Especially in winter, it allows you to enjoy the sunlight while staying warm. However, if your windows are dirty, the magic is no longer there and can even be spoiled by nasty stains. There are now revolutionary products to keep glass surfaces always clean with a minimum of maintenance effort…

Here is the solution for your windows:

Not that you are negligent, but it’s easy to get them dirty: little fingers, pets, light or heavy rain, dust/outside pollution, etc.  The surface must be clean from the start. To restore shine and brilliance to your solarium’s glass, our glass & ceramic cleaner, whose unique and hyper-concentrated formulation removes all traces of soap or detergent that have already been used, removes the slightest impurity to leave a clean and impeccable surface. Add a little elbow grease and the result is visibly satisfactory.

Cleaning your windows without leaving traces is good, but keeping them in this state is even better. Our goal at NanoProtection is to protect the surfaces and therefore to facilitate the cleaning of the windows. We use products from nanotechnology and put them at the service of maintenance. This makes our self-cleaning glass treatment unique in its kind. The coating is so thin that it is invisible but so strong that it protects the surface for many years (count 5 to 6 years anyway!).

This coating has properties suitable for protecting glass. It is hydrophobic – i.e. it repels water and lets it bead on the surface – and non-stick, so that dirt can no longer become deeply embedded.  Impurities (dust, traces of limescale, etc.) are then very easy to remove, a simple damp soft cloth is enough to make them disappear because the coating is in fact a protective shield that prevents them from penetrating the material.  Isn’t that great?

NANO Protection Team

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