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The solutions we provide with surface treatments are based on the science of the infinitely small: nanotechnology. Still untapped a few years ago, this science of the 21st century will bring important evolutions. Whether in the fields of medicine, health or industry, but also in the private sector, surfaces will obtain new properties thanks to self-cleaning products and “easy to clean”.

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Would you like to introduce your customers to a new range of revolutionary, economical and environmentally friendly products? Through our marketing system, 100% of your customers will be conquered and satisfied! Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities of collaboration. The relationship we establish with you is based on a “Win / Win” spirit.


NanoProtection is an integral part of the path to progress, so with our products you will save: time, energy, but also money. In addition, you will reduce the maintenance of treated surfaces simply by using a damp cloth. Coordinates in some way, depending on the surface for which they are intended, nano structures provide unusual properties. This allows the product to be firmly attached to the treated surfaces, and thus give them long-term protection, reducing the effort and time allocated to maintenance. The mode of operation of this “shield” is based on a property found in nature on the leaves of certain plants: the Lotus effect.

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