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Concrete waterproofing – Water repellent treatment for solid pavers – Nano


Long-lasting Nano water repellent protection for all absorbent mineral surfaces: concrete, terraces, paving stones, patio slabs, parking, school classes, natural stone…Our concrete waterproofing protector is not a sealer, but a shield. The treatment forms on the surface an invisible protective film, which allows the material to breathe, hydrophobic, oleophobic and non-stick. Innovative and upscale product.

Duration of action: 5 years.

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Protect tiles – Concrete waterproofing


Product characteristics: water repellent/anti-fouling oil for paving

CategoryOutdoor residential, Professisonal
UsePaved, patio slabs, concrete, brick, porous granite… All types of porous surfaces with mineral base.
Pre-cleaning the surfaceYes to achieve optimal results, it is essential that the surface is perfectly clean before applying the treatment.
applyingThe product has temperatures of + 5 °c to + 30 °c.
Drying time24 to 48h.
Package (s) available1 litre | Professisonnel up to 1000 L
Amount of use1 litre for 3 to 5 sqm (31.29 to 53.81 ft ²). Depends on the porosity of the surface
PreservationKeep between + 5 ° C and + 25 ° C, sheltered from the Sun.
ColorColourless to pale yellow.
Special feature (s)Large anti-adherent properties-compatible in food contact.
Duration of actionfive years old

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Clean soils for a long time!

The treatment is a water repellent and a long-term oleofuge for mineral-based stone. By fighting the foams and the inlay of the dirt in the material, it is a formidable ally to clean a terrace , a courtyard, swimming pool floors etc.


Our water-repellent treatment for solid pavers are questions of nanotechnologies. When applied, the treatment forms a completely invisible, hydrophobic and anti-adherent protective film. The hydrophobic properties of the coating are water infiltration, which delays the appearance of foams, fungi or lichens and inlay structures. The oleophobic properties protect against stains. Treatment areas are much easier to clean: it’s easy to clean. Our water repellent paver from Nano protection Canada for concrete protection.

Instructions for use water repellent paver

1. clean the surface to achieve optimal results: it is necessary to remove any coarse and visible pollution. For the exterior surfaces of the sales, we recommend that you perform a high pressure wash beforehand, rinsing well with clear water.

2. apply the treatment: evenly spray FLOORING protect directly on the surface (dry) until saturation. For large surfaces, we advise you to use a garden sprayer, and a stall if necessary to the roller.

Complete drying occurs after 24h.

Use surfaces

  • Paved, patio slabs
  • Concrete, brick, sandstone, terracotta, clay
  • Porous granite, marble
  • All types of mineral-based porous surfaces

Maintenance of treated surfaces

The silk surface very easily cleans with water. The use of maintenance products is no longer necessary.

Duration of action

Several years. The water-repellent effect will disappear little by little if the surface is subjected to mechanical abrasion. The “easy to clean” effect, preventing impregnation and adhesion of impurities, will last.


  • Protects against water infiltration.
  • Dirt, fats, no longer adhere!
  • Avoids the development of fungi, molds and weeds
  • Preserves the breathable activity of the material.
  • Reduces the effect of aging.
  • Easy to use.
  • Active 5 years.

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