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Textile and leather protector – Stain resistant for fabrics – Fabric waterproofing spray

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Protects textile/leather materials such as indoor/outdoor clothing, boots, carpet and car seats, armchair and furniture, tent and recreational/camping equipment. Our Nano textile and leather protector product protects against water, dirt, stains and various contamination, while being invisible. Duration of action: 1 year or 30 machine washes. Average application price of $2.50 per 10 P²

Textile and leather protector – Nano Protection

Textile and Leather-en-

Textile and leather protector – Nano protection


Product features: stain resistant coating for fabrics and leather


CategoryResidential int & ext, Sport and outdoor, professional, road & recreational vehicle
UseAll types of textile and leather
Pre-cleaning of the surfaceThe textile to be treated must be free of all coarse and visible pollution, such as impurities, stains or dirt. A machine pre-wash with clear water is recommended.
ApplicationSpray on the surface until full saturation.
Drying timetwo hours
Package (100 ml, 250 ml and 1 L | Professional use up to 1000 L
CompositionA water base.
PreservationKeep between + 5 °c and + 25 °c in a safe place from the Sun.
ColorColourless to pale yellow.
Special feature (s)Lets breathe the materials
Duration of action1 year or 30 washes

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Our textile and leather protector spray is a hydrophobic/oleophobic stain treatment for all textiles and leathers protects almost all textiles against water, dirt, stains and various contamination, while being perfectly invisible.


Our fabric waterproofing spray protection treatments are nanotechnologies. When applying the TEXTILE AND LEATHERtreatment, a completely invisible, hydrophobic and non-adherent protective film is formed. The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of the coating reduce the adhesion of impurities and water droplets, facilitating surface cleaning: it is the “easy to clean” effect.

Instructions for use waterproofing fabric spray

  1. Clean the surface to be treated before processing to obtain an optimal result.
  2. Apply the treatment: uniformly spray TEXTILE AND LEATHER directly on the surface until saturation. It is very important to thoroughly soak the textile with the product.

For smooth or low-absorbent surfaces, allow to dry before contact with hands, water or other miscellaneous products. Other method: soaking and drying (do not wring). The hydrophobic effect can be tested once the stain resistant textile treatment is completely dry.

Use surfaces

  • Clothing and shoes
  • Covers
  • Tablecloths
  • Armchairs, sofas
  • Curtains
  • Awnings, etc.

Maintenance of treated surfaces

The maintenance of the treatment surface is very simple using a simple damp cloth. The use of maintenance products is no longer necessary with our waterproof fabric spray.

Duration of action fabric spray protector

The treatment is active 1yr under normal conditions of use and abrasion. If machine washing, 30 washings


  • Stains no longer adhere.
  • Permeates and protects the fiber.
  • Water and oil do not penetrate.
  • Avoids stains of coffee, wine, tomato sauces, etc.
  • High quality
  • Stable at washings.
  • Resistant to 30 washings for textiles.
  • Let the fibers breathe.
  • No change in appearance.

Important: the water-based product does not alter the appearance, respiratory capacity, colour and texture of the material.
coating-stain protection-for-fabrics-and-leathers


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