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Superior car treatment – Nano ceramic protection


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High-end treatment included 6 most popular products from the auto / motorcycle / boat range and is designed for bodywork, windows and rims, providing shine and protection. Up to 2 vehicles

Treatment duration: 1 year minimum.

Fiche technique NANO

Product features: Bodywork treatment for all types of vehicles

CategoryAuto - Motorcycle -RV
UsageAll types of bodywork / automotive paints, alloy wheels, aluminum or painted, chromed auto / motorcycle surfaces.
Pre-cleaning of the surfacePre-clean the surface with the body cleaner.
Drying time24H
Available packaging (s)up to two vehicles
Amount to useAbout 5-10 ml / m² in manual application.
StorageKeep between + 5 ° C and + 25 ° C away from the sun.
Duration of treatment1 to 5 years

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Body Cleaner is a specific cleanser highly effective at removing greasy residues, waxes and silicones. Its formulation makes it possible to dissolve the impurities and to absorb them simply using a cloth. Hydrophobic treatment for all types of bodywork, alloy wheels, aluminum or painted and chromed surfaces for motorcycle. Product of Ceramic + + Rims based on nanotechnology that allows a very good flow of water and gives a long-lasting shine and high quality.


All our protective treatments are derived from nanotechnologies. When it is applied, the CAR PRO body treatment forms a totally invisible, hydrophobic and non-adherent protective film on the surface. Eco-friendly, this coating protects your vehicle without damaging the material and offers a longer duration of action than competing products because it is more resistant to UV and abrasion


1. Clean the body with our body cleaner to free the surface of all impurities and prepare it for processing.Product ready to use.

Apply Body Cleaner to a clean, dry cloth or directly to the surface and clean the surface. Pass with a second clean, dry cloth to remove product residues and impurities

2. Apply the treatment

Manual application: shake well before use. Spray evenly on a dry surface. Using a soft cloth or paper towel, spread the product in circular motions, then polish the surface with another clean cloth (microfiber for example), to eliminate the surplus product.

Do not touch the surface, or make contact with water or cleaning products for about 30 minutes.The hydrophobic effect can be tested after 30 minutes (pouring water, it must bead).


  • All types of bodywork / automotive paint alloy
  •  aluminum or painted rims
  • Chrome surfaces
  • Auto / motorcycle / MTB

Maintenance of treated surfaces

The treated surface is very easy to clean with water. The use of cleaning products is no longer necessary

Treatment duration

1 year minimum. Up to 5 years


  • High hydrophobicity: allows a very good flow of water
  • Protects effectively against the damage of the washing brushes, environmental aggressions, the UV and the salt of clearing of the snow
  • Brillance long duration and of high quality
  • Non-stick propertiesRésiste to the UV, the abrasion as well as almost all household or industrial cleaners (except concentrated laundry).
  • Cleaning easier, simply with clean water

The set includes the following products:

  • Body Cleaner 250ML
  • Céramic + 50ML
  • Glass & Ceramic Cleaner 100ML and Protection 100ML (Aqua Pearl)
  • Textile Stain Remover 100ML
  • Textile Treatment 250ML

Technical Datasheets directly on the site, tab treating products


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