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Stain remover and textile and leather protector – Ecological cleaning product

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The coating encapsulates all the fibres with nanoparticles. The product does not change the appearance, TEXTIILE STAIN REMOVER is effective thanks to the innovative process of micro division. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor textiles. Available in several formats. Set including stain remover and protector textile and leather. Cleans and protects all textiles, leathers , clothing, shoes, carpet & car seat. Average price for applying the treatment is $2.50 per 10 P²

Product features: Stain remover and textile and leather protector package

CategoryResidential, sport & outdoors, Auto-Motorcycle-Boat
UseAnti-stain protection and stain remover.
Pre-cleaning of the surfaceNo for stain remover, if protection only the textile or leather must be clean and dry
Package (s) availableMultiple formats | Professionals up to 1000 L
Duration of action1 year minimum/30 washings

Learn more about : Stain remover and textile and leather protector

Are stain remover and textile and leather protector as a breathing capacity, color and texture of the material. It is extremely water resistant for outdoor textiles. Oil, coffee or other frequent stains belong to the past with this revolutionary product. The product will detach each atom from the dirt molecules and thus allow the detachment of the substrate. Separating atoms also prevents their reproduction and reconstitution. It’s cleans and protects all textiles.

IMPORTANT: to ensure optimal results, it is imperative that the textile is perfectly clean before applying the treatment. To do this, perform (if possible) a machine wash simply with clear water, so as to eliminate the residues of detergents contained in the fiber (even if the textile is clean in appearance or new).
If machine washing is not possible and the surface to be treated is dirty, clean it with our TEXTIILE stain remover NanoProtection and then rinse with clear water by absorbing the spot thoroughly with a clean damp cloth. Let dry.


Anti-stain protection and stain remover are nanotechnologies. When applying the TEXTILE AND LEATHER treatment, a completely invisible, hydrophobic and non-adherent protective film is formed. The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of the coating reduce the adhesion of impurities and water droplets, facilitating surface cleaning: it is the “easy to clean” effect.

Use surfaces

  • Clothing, shoes
  • Blankets, tablecloths
  • Armchairs, sofas
  • Awnings, tent
  • Carpet & car seat
  • Recreational equipment/camping

Maintenance of treated surfaces

The maintenance of the treatment surface is very simple using a simple damp cloth. The use of maintenance products is no longer necessary. Protects all fabrics.

Instructions for use see technical data sheet individually

The package includes the following products:

  • Textile stain remover and leather
  • Textile and leather treatment

Datasheets available directly on the site for each product, tab products contractors



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