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Multi-surface treatments for the house


Ecological and economical, the whole will allow you to clean and protect several surfaces of your home… at a reduced price. Test the revolution and innovation of a real solution for the maintenance of your surfaces!



Product features: the multi-surface protection set for the house

CategoryResidential Interior
UseAll the surfaces of the House
Pre-cleaning of the surfaceThe surface must be free of all coarse and visible pollution, such as impurities, traces of limestone and dirt.
Package (s) availableOnly one format available
conservationKeep between + 5 °c and + 25 °c in a safe place from the Sun.

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The solution for a quicker and simpler cleaning for the house. Water-repellent and “easy-to-clean” effects, dirt, fats or traces of limestone no longer adhere to the surface and go effortlessly to clear waters. The protective treatments available in this set allow to protect the surfaces thanks to a nanotechnology-based coating, totally invisible and extremely thin and robust. The set includes all products and accessories for optimal protection of the interior surfaces of your home. 1 set = one House.

The package includes the following products:

  • Anticalcaire (200ml) pre-cleaning before treatment
  • Glass and ceramic cleaner (250ml)
  • Universal cleaner (100ml).
  • Glass and ceramic treatment (100ml). Sanitary protection (shower, toilet, washbasin, glass, mirror)
  • Treatment Chome and Stainless Steel (100ml). Chrome/Stainless Steel/stainless protection, BBQ fittings
  • Plastic treatment (100ml). Plastic/synthetic protection (furniture, window frames,…)
  • Textile treatment (250ml). Protection for all textiles
  • Accessories: 6 small polishing cloths (for application of treatments)

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