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Treatment and protector for ceramics, glass & mirror – Anti-limescale

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Glass, ceramics and mirrors will now be easy to maintain with NANO products! This glass and ceramic treatment is an anti-limescale for shower glass.

Both products allow you to effectively remove grease, soaps and dirt without damaging the material.

Available in three sizes 50ml | 100ml | 250ml & 1L. duration of action 1yr/12 months without using a maintenance product

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Product features: Glass and ceramic protector complete set

UseGlass, ceramic and mirror protection
Pre-cleaning of the surfaceThe surface must be free of all coarse and visible pollution, such as impurities, traces of limestone and dirt.
Package (s) available100 ml (8 to 12 m² (10.76 sq ft). | Professional up to 1000 L
Duration of action1 year minimum.

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Our glass and ceramic protector, derived from nanotechnologies, deposits on the treated surface an invisible and colourless 100% protective coating with hydrophobic properties.Our nano treatment is the best anti-limescale shower glass. Regular cleaning with clear water allows you to maintain cleanliness and shine with a minimum of effort!

The set will allow you to protect all your surfaces such as shower ceramics or Kitchen Backsplash and all the mirrors without forgetting the faucets. Anti-limestone protection.

The set includes all the products and accessories for an ideal cleaning and protection of all glass and ceramic surfaces!

Use surfaces

  • Bath, washbasin
  • tiles
  • mirror
  • Glass table
  • Windows, window
  • Shower tray

The package includes the following products:

Datasheets available directly on the site for each product, tab products contractors

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250 ml, VCN 100ML + VCP 100ML, VCN 250ML + VNP 250ML, VCN 50ML + VCP 50ML