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Self-cleaning windows – Complete set treatment – Nano

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The rain will take care for you to wash your Windows outside that’s the Lotus effect! The dirt can no longer be embedded in the glass and thus collect effortlessly using a simple soft cloth lightly moistened. Water flows more easily and leaves fewer traces. You can see an immediate water-repellent effect of 5 years without a maintenance product.

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How to clean your Windows without leaving traces?

You will find the answer in this innovative 100 set, from nanotechnology: the cleaner allows to remove all soaps or chemical on your glass surfaces. The treatment applied, on the treated area gives an invisible hydrophobic glass protection and anti-adhesive order to facilitate the cleaning.

This set includes all the products and accessories for the self-cleaning treatment of your exterior glass window protector.

The set is available in several formats

Use surfaces

  • Glass exterior glazed surfaces
  • Roof Windows
  • Verandas
  • Pool shelters, etc.

The package includes the following products:

  • Pre-cleaning of glazed surfaces: glass and ceramic cleaner.
  • Self -cleaning treatment for exterior Windows: self-cleaning Windows.
  • Accessories-2 (or 4) chiffon (for application of treatments) and 1 sponge (for pre-cleaning).

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