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Anti-Fog spray protector for glasses and visors – Nano protection


This is a package that includes Nano cleaning and anti-fog spray treatment (semi-permanent) that prevents fogging on ski goggles or helmet visors. Complete set protection.

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FT stop fog visors and glasses




The anti-fog spray protector treatment also has an antistatic power that repels the appearance of dust. Resistant 2-4 weeks. The products must be applied 48 hours before use as it can be irritating to the eyes. Our anti-fog spray for glasses treat and protect ,visors and goggles. To make them non-adherent for dirt and to improve the dripping of water.

The package includes:

  • Universal cleanser size 50ml
  • Anti-fog spray helmet size 50ml

Additional information

Weight0.110 kg
Dimensions16 × 14 × 5 cm