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Concrete terrace/stone/plain paving


The selection of our 8 best outdoor products to restore the shine of your patio and protect from bad herbs. From concrete to textiles through your BBQ. A hydrophobre shield that lets the materials breathe.

SKU: ENS// DP1000+HMT1000+VCP100+CIT50+VCN250 +VAT250+ DT 100+ TCT1000 Category:


The package has been designed for you to demonstrate the efficacy of NanoProtection products. With the products of this set, you will be able to treat a large part of your terrace and outdoor landscaping. We also offer products to treat your textiles in order to protect the color of your accessories. Each product contained within our set can be found individually on our site or upon request. See the description below to know the products included in the whole…

The package includes:

Datasheets available on the site directly, tab products contractors

Additional information

Weight3.911 kg
Dimensions39 × 30 × 30 cm