Anti stain for plastic/resin

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This set of two products will allow you to treat in an optimal way all the window frames, plastic shower wall, furniture, garden lounge… at a discounted rate.

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Product features: stain protection set for plastic surfaces

Category Residential, sport & outdoor
Use All plastic smooth surfaces.
Pre-cleaning the surface The surface must be free of all coarse and visible pollution, such as impurities, traces of limestone and dirt.
Package (s) available 50 ml (3 to 5 m²) and 100ml (8 to 12 m²).
Amount of use Approx. 10-15 ml/m² in manual application.
conservation Keep between + 5 °c and + 25 °c in a safe place from the Sun.
Color Colorless.
Duration of action one year.

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Here is the solution to effectively protect your plastic surfaces and clean them without the risk of scratches.

The universal cleaner eliminates the slightest impurities, which makes it possible to find an impeccable and healthy surface. For its part the treatment applies an invisible protection to the hydrophobic and anti-adherent properties: finished the stains that encrusts, the dirt is stopped by this invisible shield that makes the surface “easy-to-clean”. A simple soft cloth allows to clean the plastic simply with clear water and without leaving traces or scratches.


This set includes all the products and accessories for a special anti-fouling treatment plastic surfaces.

The package includes the following products:

  • Maintenance and pre-cleaning before treatment: universal cleaner.
  • Plastic/synthetic protection (furniture, window frames…): plastic treatment.
  • Accessories-1 or 2 polishing cloths (for application of treatments) and 1 sponge.

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Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 cm

100 ml, 50 ml