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PRO-Wood cleaner

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Restores the original tone and colour to all raw wood surfaces. Without sanding ! It doesn’t make the wood whiten. Also eliminates fungi and mold.

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Product characteristics: wood cleaner and rejuvenator.

CategoryOutdoor residential, professional
UseAll raw wood surfaces.
Pre-cleaning the surfaceyes. The substrate must be dry, free from old paints and impurities. If necessary, remove the old paints or oils by stripping or deiling before application.
Drying timeBetween 15 and 20 minutes depending on the amount of dirt on the surface. For heavily soiled surfaces, the action time can be 2-3 hours. Always keep the surface moist: do not let dry! (rinse).
Package (s) available1 litre | Professional up to 1000 L
Amount of use100 to 200 ml/m² (10.76 ft ²) according to porous material
compositionMix of different submigrants
conservationKeep for 1 year in its original packaging without opening. Store in a place between + 5 °c and + 25 °c. from sunlight and frost. Close the opened containers tightly.
Special feature (s)Oxidizing product-wearing of plastic gloves, goggles and protective clothing required.

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The Nano Protectionwood cleaneris an innovative product that allows the grey lignin to be detached from the wood by a micro-vibration action.

The product will penetrate the wood and “peel off” from underneath the organic elements, all without the use of acid or whitening product.

Fungi, bacteria, cellulose fibres and grey wood will be effectively disposed of. The wood will find, without sanding work, its structure as well as its original color. The treated surface becomes as new, and can be treated afterwards with any wood treatment. Unlike many sooting products, degreaser cleaner does not bleach the wood as it does not contain oxalic acid.

Instructions for use

1. spray CLEANER evenly on the surface to be cleaned (preferably dry, this will increase the action of the product) then allow to act between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the rate of contamination of the surface (always keep the surface moist). For heavily soiled surfaces, the action time can be 2-3 hours.

2. rinse with a high pressure cleaner to neutralize the action of the product and remove any organic residues that have removed from the substrate.

Use surfaces

  • Garden furniture
  • Boat bridges
  • Palisades
  • Flower trays
  • Terraces, etc.

Advantages of the CLEANER

  • Rejuvenate the wood with a minimum of effort. No sanding!
  • No wood bleaching
  • Environmentally friendly, does not contain heavy metals
  • Eliminates fungi and mold
  • Fast biodegradability
  • Does not contain oxalic acid

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1000L, 12 x 1L, 1L, 200L, 20L, 5L