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Anti fingerprint spray for stainless steel and chrome – Nano Protection

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The chrome and stainless steel protector treatment eliminates the slightest impurities and leaves a surface shiny and liberated from any dirt and limescale. In a second time, the treatment is invisible protection to the hydrophobic and anti-adherent properties: finished the stains that encrusts, the dirt is stopped by this invisible shield that makes the surface “easy-to-clean” duration of action of 1yr/12 month. Average application price is $3.09 per 10 P

Product features: anti fingerprint spray for stainless steel and chrome protector

CategoryResidential indoor and outdoor, sport & outdoors, Auto-Moto-boat
UseAll chromed surfaces and stainless steel, but also appliances, summer kitchen, BBQ, taps
Pre-cleaning of the surfaceThe surface must be free of all coarse and visible pollution, such as impurities, traces of limestone and dirt.
Package (s) available100 ml (8 to 12 m² (10.76 sq. ft.). | Prrofessional up to 1000 L
Amount of use5-10 ml/m² in manual application.
conservationKeep between + 5 °c and + 25 °c in a safe place from the Sun.
Special feature (s)The chrome protective treatment & Inox is easily flammable and irritating to the eyes and skin. Wearing gloves is recommended
Duration of actionone year.


Learn more about anti fingerprint spray for stainless steel and chrome protector

Here is the solution to maintain and clean stainless steel and chromed surfaces? The chrome-stainless steel set

A simple soft cloth makes it possible to clean the Stainless Steel and chrome protector simply with clear water and without leaving traces or scratches.

This set will allow you to optimally process all the metal surfaces of your House (chrome, stainless steel, taps, l…) and this, in two times three movements.

Are chrome and stainless steel protector set includes all products and accessories for anti fingerprint spray treatment for stainless steel and chrome surfaces.

Use surfaces

  • Appliances
  • Summer kitchen
  • plumbing
  • Hood, cooker
  • Car rims, motorcycle
  • Recreational equipment/camping


The package includes the following products:

Datasheets available directly on the site for each product, tab products contractors


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