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PRO-cleaning/decontaminating auto body

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Body cleaner-cleans, uncrushers and prepares all types of surfaces before Nano-processing on vehicles.

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Body cleaner-NANO

Product characteristics: body cleaning/decontamination

Category Auto-motorcycle-boat
Use For cleaning and preparation of surfaces before Nano treatment.
Pre-cleaning the surface The surface must be devoid of coarse dirt.
Package (s) available 250 ml.
Amount of use 10-15 ml/m².
conservation Keep between + 5 °c and + 30 °c in a safe place from the Sun.
Color Colorless.
Special feature (s) Irritant and easily flammable product.

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The body cleaner is highly effective at removing grease, waxes and silicones from the body of your vehicle. Its formulation makes it possible to dissolve the impurities and to absorb them simply with the help of a cloth.

This product is indispensable to prepare the surface before application of the protective treatment because it is the only cleanser to guarantee a perfect adhesion of the car body treatment.

Instructions for use

Apply body cleaner to a clean, dry cloth or directly to the substrate, then clean the surface.

Pass with a second clean, dry cloth to remove residues of products and impurities. Depending on the rate of fouling, a second application may be necessary. Cleaned surfaces dry quickly.

After cleaning the surface, do not contact the latter with water or with the fingers before applying Nano treatment.

Use surfaces

  • Car bodies, motorcycles, quads, caravans, motorhomes, etc.

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1 l, 1000L, 12 x 100ml, 12 x 1L, 12 x 250ml, 200L, 20L, 5L