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  • Rain-proof Kit for automotive Windows-treatments and cleaning products-Nano protection

    Car window anti rain – Rain treatment Clear drive Kit – Nano


    The car window anti rain kit includes 100ml cleanser and 100ml treatment a sponge and a windshield wipe and automotive Windows. It is a must for more security when you take the road in bad weather. Duration of action 1yr/12 months.

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  • Boat protection – Cabin and hull – Nano protection


    The cleaner is to be applied upstream of the treatment in order to guarantee its perfect adhesion. Once the boat protection treatment is applied, the treated surfaces are protected effectively and sustainably against UV, sea salt, scratches or corrosion. Nano «easy to clean» effect. Ideal for motorised as well.  

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  • Textile and leather protector

    Textile and leather protector – Stain resistant for fabrics – Fabric waterproofing spray

    From: $15.97

    Protects textile/leather materials such as indoor/outdoor clothing, boots, carpet and car seats, armchair and furniture, tent and recreational/camping equipment. Our Nano textile and leather protector product protects against water, dirt, stains and various contamination, while being invisible. Duration of action: 1 year or 30 machine washes.

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  • Leather and textile stain remover

    Leather and textile stain remover – Ecological cleaning product – Nano

    From: $15.97

    This Nano stain remover easily eliminates stains, oil, fats, food, chewing gum or even traces of food. Our leather and textile stain remover is a ecological cleaning product.  

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  • Glass and ceramic cleaner-treatments and cleaning products – Nano protection

    Glass cleaner, ceramic & stainless – Nano

    From: $15.97

    Preparation cleaner before the protector treatment for all types of surfaces such as glass, ceramics, chromium, stainless steel, vitroceramic, mirrors, etc. The product is indispensable before the treatments of NANO protection.

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  • Anti-fouling protection for glass and ceramics-treatments and cleaning products – Nano protection

    Protective treatment for glass, ceramic and mirror – Anti-limescale

    From: $19.97

    Treatment and protection for glass, Windows, mirror, ceramics and more! Treated surfaces simply clean with water! Anti-limescale shower glass protector spray. Farewell chemical product for 1 year | twelve months

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  • Nano treatment for chrome and stainless steel-treatments and cleaning products-Nano protection

    Protective treatment for chrome and stainless – Anti-limescale – Nano

    From: $13.97

    50ml / see complete sets for small sizes! Durable anti-skid protection. Ideal for stainless steel appliances, fittings, outdoor kitchen, BBQ... Our protective treatment for chrome and stainless have anti-limescale properties, prevent dirt from attaching to the treated surfaces. Duration of action: 1 year.

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  • Car paint protection - Ceramic+

    Car paint protection – Nano Ceramic coating – Ceramic +

    From: $114.97

    High performance Nano ceramic protection with a hardness of 9H. Powerful water-repellent and anti-scratch effect. Anti-fouling. Preserves the shine and shine of the varnish in the long term. With our body protector your vehicle will bead in the rain. Our car paint protection treatment last up to 5 years.

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  • Body cleaner and decontaminant

    Body Cleaner and Decontaminant – Nano Protection

    From: $38.97

    250ml/ Our body cleaner and decontaminant body cleans, cleanse and prepare all types of surfaces before nano treatment for vehicle. Available  as a package!

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