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Yes, spring has finally arrived! We look out the window at the change of season! However, if your windows are dirty, the “magic” effect is somewhat spoiled by bad traces. And what about our solarium, which is one of the most pleasant rooms in the house. In winter, it allows you to enjoy the light while staying warm.

How to clean dirty windows? Are you looking for an effective solution for your windows? Not that you’re careless, but it’s easy to get them dirty: pets sticking to the window, fingerprints, light or heavy rain, dust/exterior pollution, etc. The list is long! To restore the shine and brilliance to the glass panes, nothing beats our glass & ceramic cleaner whose unique and hyper-concentrated formulation cleanses the glass in depth: it removes any impurities to leave a clean and impeccable surface. In addition, it is our surface preparation product before applying NanoProtection! Discover our protective treatment for windows!

Cleaning your windows without leaving any traces is fine, but keeping them in this condition is even better. Our goal at NanoProtection Canada is to protect surfaces and therefore make window cleaning easier. Thus, our self-cleaning glass treatment is an innovative product. It is a coating so thin that it is invisible, but so strong that it protects the surface for many years, 5 to 6 years. Still!!! This coating has properties suitable for protecting windows: it is hydrophobic, i.e. it repels water and lets it bead on the surface – and non-stick, dirt can no longer get deeply embedded. Impurities (dust, traces of limescale, etc.) are then very easy to remove: a simple damp soft cloth is enough to remove them, because the coating is actually a protective shield that prevents them from penetrating the material. And let the rainwater do the rest! See for yourself on this short video. Sold as a set or separately! For the whole package, it’s here!

Self cleaning Windows

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