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Démanagement NanofierWe know that moving to a new house is extremely overwhelming and draining. For that reason, a checklist is lifesaver in this situation. People tend to only make a pre-moving checklist, but let’s not forget the post-moving part is also important, especially it’s the part that you literally live in a new environment for the first time! In this article, we will share with you some tips to make you feel just like home from day 1!

Change your lock and update security system in your new house

Safety is always the top priority of any home. For that reason, we recommend to change your lock as soon as you can in your new house, and set up or update the security system. While we are at this, you can also think about a lock-out solution, or a backup plan when you would get locked out of your house.

Give your new house a deep clean

We know all the moving is tiring enough, but nothing is better than to clean where there’s no obstacles. Take the advantage when the floor, shelves and counters, etc are still clear and free of objects to deep clean everything. It’s even better when we can take advantage of this deep clean to give your house surfaces and objects a protective coatings that prevent them from getting dirty later on. This Multi-surface treatments for the house is genius that way! It comes with the pre-cleaning treatment, cleaners and protective coating for multiple surfaces. This will save you time in the long run, your cleaning routine will be much simpler, thanks to the water-repellent and “easy-to-clean” effects, dirt, fats or traces of limestone no longer adhere to the surface and go effortlessly to clear waters. The protective treatments available in this set allow to protect the surfaces thanks to a nanotechnology-based coating, totally invisible and extremely thin and robust. The set includes all products and accessories for optimal protection of the interior surfaces of your home.

Set a “unpack schedule” in your new house

Unpacking is just as tiring as packing. No surprise that many people have packed boxes laying around in their houses months after the move, even more! We want to avoid this as much as possible. That is why we suggest to unpack the essential first in the first day or night at your new house, then each day you can unpack a few boxes at your rhythm until all boxes are unpacked.

Testing basically everything

Yes it sounds obvious, but this is one of the crucial parts of living in a new environment. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detector, test your HVAC system, locate the home’s shut-off valves and circuit breaker, etc. If anything doesn’t work, take not to get them fixed asap.

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