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Why is it important to decontaminate your car to keep it in optimal condition? Maybe you haven’t stopped to examine the way you clean your car. Many people, who love their cars, notice imperfections that affect the paintwork and don’t know why they appear.

Sometimes the cleaning is done superficially, only with water and some detergent that leaves residues. With the passage of time these residues and the lack of deep cleaning cause the bodywork and other parts of the vehicle to look old and dirty. To avoid this it is important to decontaminate the car  with suitable products as part of regular care.

Remember that your vehicle is exposed to environmental factors such as inclement weather (snow, rain, hailstorms, acid rain), saltpetre, UV rays, among others, which constantly damage it. In addition, if the car is not kept in a garage, bird droppings, tree resin and other contaminating particles will adhere to the paint.

This is why it is necessary to clean and protect it with techniques, products and processes indicated for each part of the vehicle.

Keep in mind that cleaning is only one step, later the vehicle must be rejuvenated and then protected. The rejuvenation means using products, according to the type of surface, to recover a new look. This involves working on various parts of the car from the paintwork to the seats, dashboard, upholstery, etc.

While in the protection stage, products are applied to various parts of the vehicle with the aim of preventing damage and reducing deterioration. During the protection stage, the aim is to prevent the paint from rusting, to prevent the appearance of swirls, marring, and other defects, as well as to provide protection to the upholstery to prevent dehydration and cracking.

What is the best product to decontaminate the car?

If you are a person who takes good care of your vehicle, I recommend you to visit our site Our products are manufactured with nanotechnology which will save you time, energy and money.

With our body cleaner you will remove oily residues, waxes and silicones from your car. This product dissolves impurities, contaminating particles and prepares the surface for protective treatment.

The body cleaner and decontaminant is easy to use. Just apply the product on a dry cloth or directly on the support and then rub the surface; and whit a second clean and dry cloth then removes product residues and impurities.

You can choose to apply the Car Pro and Ceramic + bodywork treatment and with this kit you will keep your vehicle in optimum condition. These products can be used on cars, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, etc.

Extend the maintenance and protection of your vehicle with our products, discover them!

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