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BBQ party season is here! It’s one of the best occasions when everyone, adults or kids, can have fun, enjoy the sun and of course the good food! If you host a backyard BBQ party this summer, don’t miss out on this article!

The BBQ party essential – Grilling equipment

Of course it sounds obvious that you need grilling equipment for this kind of party, but it’s still better to be prepared. Ensure that you have a stainless steel spatula, tongs, and a grilling fork that can stand up to the heat. Most importantly, don’t forget the extra gas or charcoal for the grill!

The menu

The menu for a barbecue can be as complex or simple as you want to make it. Below are a few categories so you won’t forget anything:

The main

Of course we need the meat for any BBQ party, but don’t forget our vegetarian/vegan guests too! It would also be nice to include some fish, such as smoked salmon, for variations. To accompany the main dishes, we can’t miss out on side dishes. The best part about side dishes is that you can prepare them in advance, and they can be appetizer while you’re grilling.

The drink

Ice cold drinks keep everyone cool and refreshed. Opt for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options to cater to everyone. Something as simple as a pitcher of lemonade can be well appreciated in a backyard BBQ party.

The clean up

The hardest part of hosting a BBQ party is not only the preparation, but also the clean up. There will be lots of grease and burnt pieces everywhere. The secret here is to protect your equipment even before cooking! This Nano Protection Stainless steel and chrome protector treatment eliminates the slightest impurities and leaves a surface shiny and liberated from any dirt and limescale. In a second time, the treatment is invisible protection to the hydrophobic and anti-adherent properties: finished the stains that encrusts, the dirt is stopped by this invisible shield that makes the surface “easy-to-clean” duration of action of 1yr/12 month. The best part is, this set will allow you to optimally process all the metal surfaces of your house (chrome, stainless steel, taps), not only your BBQ equipment!

Team Nano

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