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Anti-limestone gel

We are all confronted with this problem and we are torturing the mind and we end up getting the paraphernalia of aggressive detergents damaging to health and dangerous to our environment. We say that he must have a solution in the modern world where we live? Well, yes! Nanotechnology permanently prevents the limestone from becoming embedded without transforming the properties of the surfaces in an invisible way. The new enemy of limestone and Tartar?

A treatment NanoProtection on your shower wall stops the adhesion of dirt and limestone for many years, without changing the visual appearance of the surface. Same thing for the tub of your toilets, faucets, etc.

NanoProtection rid you once and for all of these very unsightly traces for many years, without changing the visual aspect of the surface. In conclusion, let us leave our good old aggressive anticalcariae in the closet and adopt the Nano protection, economical and ecological solution.

In 3 steps anti-limestone gel, cleaner to prepare the surface and the protector!

In 2019, it is the “easy to clean” effect!!

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