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How to apply a ceramic treatment to your vehicleProtecting our belongings, for various reasons, often becomes a necessity. The main reason may be that we do not want to damage our belongings, because it would be difficult to replace them (and surely the effort we made to acquire them has been hard), and therefore we must take care of them and protect them.

One of those most important belongings may be your vehicle. Who doesn’t mind having to deal with moisture, dirt and other problems such as stains or scratches? What if we told you we have the solution to these problems?

Yes, you read that right! Therefore, we invite you to continue reading this article, and to take note. As Nanoprotection, being an innovative company dedicated to the commercialization of products to protect and waterproof surfaces, with 25 years of experience, we will explain you how to apply a ceramic treatment to your vehicle.

Ceramics and waterproofing – are they really a good option?

Having read the previous words, surely you are wondering if the use of ceramics is a good option. We will tell you right now, but we will talk about a waterproofing process, through a wonderful treatment: CERAMIC+.

Waterproofing? Well, yes. Waterproofing surfaces is a great option to protect them, and there are so many options in which this process can be carried out (with different products, obviously): wood, concrete, glass, metal, textiles and much more.

In this case, you have already read that it is possible to waterproof metal, the main material that makes up the chassis of any vehicle. Moreover, as if that were not enough, with the method we will show you today, you will also be able to waterproof the paint of it.

And there’s more, because not only will you waterproof your car, but thanks to the benefits that ceramic has, you will also protect it from other factors such as scratches or scrapes!

Benefits of waterproofing your vehicle

You may already know this, but in case you were wondering, waterproofing surfaces provides many benefits. Beyond just preventing water from penetrating or lasting on some surfaces, waterproofing will allow us to protect them and increase their durability, as we have already said several times.

A well waterproofed surface will not be able to accumulate humidity in itself, therefore it will avoid the proliferation of other inconveniences, such as fungus, bad odors, mold, or even worse: rust. As expected, by avoiding these problems, the duration of this surface and the device to which it belongs will be longer.


Now that you know well the advantages of waterproofing and protecting surfaces, and especially the chassis and paint of your vehicle, we can talk to you about CERAMIC+.

And what is this product? As its name says (and as we have already talked a little bit about it), it is a powerful waterproofing and protection for your vehicle based on ceramic. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Well, this wonderful product doesn’t stop there and actually gives you many advantages. Now we’ll talk to you about it in more detail.

How does CERAMIC+ work?

CERAMIC+ is a nanotechnology-based product. What this product will do on the surface of your car’s chassis is create a totally invisible, waterproof and non-stick protective layer.

As you can imagine, this layer will not allow water drops or any kind of liquid to adhere to the surface of your car. It is also important to highlight its anti-corrosion function. But, besides that, this layer will prevent dust or any other substance that could dirty it, like bird droppings, for example, from sticking.

If you thought that was all, well, no. The good thing doesn’t end there, as the invisible layer that CERAMIC+ auto will create will also protect your car from scratches, and best of all: it will not affect in any way the visual aspect of the paint, shine, or the finish of the chassis. This is because the product, although it doesn’t look like it, has a hardness of 9H.

However, you are probably wondering how often you should apply this product to your vehicle: every week? every month? The answer is also negative. The truth is that you only have to apply it once and it will last for up to 3 or 4 years! Don’t you believe anything you just read? Well, look at this video:

Protecteur Nano pour auto – Protection céramique pour voiture – Hydrofuge – Céramic + – YouTube

Is it only for cars?

If you were wondering if this product is only for cars, the answer is no. CERAMIC+ is also useful in other vehicles, such as motorcycles and even boats. In fact, this fabulous product also works on other surfaces such as marble, quartz or ceramics.

How to apply CERAMIC+?

Are you going to apply CERAMIC+ to your vehicle or another surface? Well, we’ll explain you how to proceed, plus some recommendations we’d like to give you, so that the result is optimal. Pay close attention.

Materials to be used

What will you need to apply CERAMIC+? We share the list of materials with you:

  • A bucket of water or a hose, depending on where you will be doing the procedure. In open places it will be easier to use the hose, while in closed spaces it will be better to use the bucket.
  • Car soap.
  • A microfiber flannels.
  • A bottle of Le Nettoyant Carroserie.
  • A bottle of CERAMIC+.
  • Latex gloves or similar material.
  • Protective glasses or plastic mask.

Procedure for our ceramic treatment

The first thing you should know, before applying this treatment, is that the surface on which you are going to use it (be it a car or other type, although here we will focus on cars) must be totally clean. It is best to clean it first, and this is where soap and water come into play. Wash it very well and then dry it with the microfiber flannel.

Then spray Le Nettoyant Carroserie onto the flannel and apply to the surface of the car. Repeat as many times as necessary, trying to cover every part of the surface. With this, your car will be shiny, totally clean and ready for the next step.

Put on your gloves and protective glasses (or plastic mask, if not) and, using the microfiber flannel, apply CERAMIC+ on each part of the car’s surface, making circular movements for one minute. You can also apply it on other metallic parts of the car (like the rims).

Once applied the CERAMIC+, give it a couple of minutes to dry and… it will be ready! Do the test spilling water on your car and you will surely be surprised. Now you will avoid having to wash your car too often, as well as worries about dirt, and you will save the expense of other cleaning products for a long time.


What precautions should you take? Avoid direct contact of CERAMIC+ with the skin and eyes. That is why we have recommended you to use glasses. If you have any problems due to contact, you should consult a doctor immediately. Regarding the care of the product, avoid exposing it to sunlight when it is in the bottle.

At the time of application, avoid cleaning the surface with any greasy product, silicone or wax. Any of these will make the application of CERAMIC+ ineffective.

Where can I buy CERAMIC+?

Are you interested in purchasing our CERAMIC+? You can do it from our online store. You can also find other great products for waterproofing and protecting surfaces in the home, for sports and outdoor equipment, and for cars, motorcycles and boats. You can also check out our kits.

We hope that we have been able to clarify your doubts with this useful guide and, if you were thinking about it, that you have encouraged yourself to apply a ceramic treatment to your vehicle, since, as you have read, with CERAMIC+ it is very easy. Do it with confidence, and remember that we are Nanoprotection: we innovate in the treatment of surfaces!

Team Nano


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