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Présentation de Nano CHROME ET ACIER INOXYDABLE – Élevez vos surfaces métalliques à un nouveau niveau de propreté et de brillance ! Vous en avez assez de lutter contre la saleté et la crasse tenaces sur vos surfaces chromées et en acier inoxydable ? Nano CHROME ET ACIER INOXYDABLE est là…

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Questions fréquemment posées

  • How long does the NanoProtection effect last?

Under regular conditions, our treatment offers protection for several years, dramatically minimizing the frequency of reapplication.
  • Any surfaces I should avoid using this on?

NanoProtection CHROME AND STAINLESS STEEL is crafted for metal surfaces, but always consult the label and instructions for specific guidelines.
  • What sets your product apart from others?

Our product boasts UV stability, unmatched abrasion resistance, and superior chemical resilience, making it a top-tier choice.
  • Any storage recommendations post-use?

Store in its original packaging away from direct sunlight, between +5°C and +25°C, and ensure opened containers are sealed tightly to maintain efficacy.

Discover the Ultimate Chrome and Stainless-Steel Treatment Protection

Say hello to pristine surfaces with NanoProtection CHROME AND STAINLESS-STEEL! Crafted with the latest in nanotechnology, this solution is your ticket to effortless brilliance on chrome and stainless-steel surfaces. From kitchen fixtures to metallic parts, it’s your go-to for a sparkling finish.

Caractéristiques :

  • Shine with Ease: Achieve a sparkling clean effortlessly, thanks to superior hydrophobicity.
  • Stain-Free Surfaces: Bid farewell to stubborn stains with an anti-adherent formula.
  • Easy as Pie: Enjoy a gleaming finish with minimal elbow grease required.
  • Safety First: Rest assured, it’s safe for use in food-related areas.
  • Invisible and Invincible: Maintain the pristine look with a UV-stable coating that’s invisible to the eye.
  • Built to Last: Withstand varying conditions without skipping a beat.
  • Simple as ABC: Apply with ease, avoiding the hassle of complicated procedures.


Prep your surfaces by giving them a good clean, then apply NanoProtection Chrome & Stainless Steel evenly. Give it a polish, wait 30 minutes, and voilà! Full curing takes just 24 hours.


Keep that shine going strong with easy cleaning using water. For those tougher stains, NanoProtection Universal Cleaner has your back.


Enjoy the brilliance for years to come, with durability that keeps up with your chrome surfaces’ natural wear and tear.


  • Sun-Proof Shine: Maintain your brilliance under any sunlight.
  • Tough as Nails: Withstand daily use without breaking a sweat.
  • Chemical Champion: Battle against cleaners with confidence, knowing you’re in good hands.


Keep it cool and dry, away from the sun’s rays. And don’t forget to seal it up tight after opening!


While it works like a charm, handle with care as it’s flammable and can cause irritation. Check out the Safety Data Sheet for all the details.

Get ready to elevate your surfaces with NanoProtection CHROME AND STAINLESS-STEEL – where professionalism meets friendly brilliance!

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250ml, 500ml, 1 liter