Nano: Enhancing Convertible Top Longevity with Innovative Impregnation

Combatting Moisture with Impregnation

Moisture poses a grave threat to fabric, especially convertible tops. Our impregnation solution forms an impermeable barrier, ensuring water beads off instead of penetrating the textile surface. Preserve functionality and extend the lifespan of your convertible top with this essential protection.

Vitrification for Enhanced Durability

Vitrification plays a crucial role in fortifying convertible tops against the elements. Our environmentally neutral product not only boosts durability but also enhances efficiency and longevity. Experience heightened resilience against moisture and weather conditions with Nano Protection impregnation.

Your Benefits with Nano Protection Impregnation

  • Long-term Moisture Protection: Our product creates a permanent shield, preventing water or oil seepage and safeguarding against abrasive microfine dust.
  • Self-Cleaning Properties: Enjoy a perpetually clean convertible top, thanks to the lotus effect generated by the impregnation film. Dust particles are effortlessly washed away with each rainfall.
  • Ecologically Impeccable: Embrace eco-consciousness with our impregnation spray, formulated with harmless silica, replacing fluorinated compounds for safer usage.

Innovative Impregnation Process

Ensure optimal results with our meticulous impregnation process:

  1. Thoroughly clean the convertible top with specialized foam and rinse with clear water.
  2. Apply the impregnation in sunlight, then move to shade to avoid contamination.
  3. Use a sponge or spray for application, allowing drying in the shade before repeating for enhanced protection.

Experience Long-lasting Protection

Benefit from Nano Protection impregnation’s long-term moisture resistance and self-cleaning properties. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your convertible top is shielded against the elements, while contributing to environmental sustainability with our eco-friendly solution.

Enhance your convertible’s resilience today with Nano Protection impregnation, ensuring years of pristine performance and effortless maintenance.

Regard’s, Serge

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