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Importance of decontaminating your car

Importance of decontaminating your car

Why is it important to decontaminate your car to keep it in optimal condition? Maybe you haven’t stopped to examine the way you clean your car. Many people, who love their cars, notice imperfections that affect the paintwork and don’t know why they appear....

Importance and use of cleaners

You’ve probably asked yourself more than once what the importance of cleaners is. Well, cleanliness itself is important for health, for preventing the spread of disease or allergies, and for having more comfortable spaces, which translates into greater...

Tips for removing stains from leather

Leather is a durable material used to cover furniture, footwear, vehicle upholstery, in the manufacture of clothing, among others. Leather is a very elegant material, but it is also one of the most difficult to clean. To remove stains, we should not apply abrasive...
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