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Back-to-school is an important event, not only for the kids, but also for the parents. For that reason, we gather a few back-to-school tips in this article to keep you stress-free and ready for this transition.

Set up routines

During the summer, you might be easier to your kids about their routines with late nights, more television and playtime. However, these habits need to be changed with healthier ones once your kids go back to school, such as:

  • Set a reasonable bed-time (the best is before 9 pm) so that your kids can be well rested in the morning and have a great day at school.
  • Have your child help prepare what you can the night before (pick out clothes, pack healthy lunch, pack school bag, etc). This activity can train your child to become more organized and independant.

It would be easier for your kids to get into the new routines if you practice them a week before the back-to-school day.

Shop for back-to-school supplies

We can agree that this is the most fun part of back-to-school: shopping! However, don’t let all the marketing and fun packaging distract you from the school supplies essentials. Write down a list of must-haves before going to shop will help you stay focused and save you lots of time and money! Here are a list of some items you might prioritize:

  • A durable and equally lightweight backpack that your child loves. As easy as it sounds, when your child likes his or her backpack, it can create motivation and inspiration every time he or she sees it, which makes back-to-school so much easier and fun.
  • Stationary like notebooks, pens and pencils, etc. Don’t forget a good planner so your child can learn to be organized.
  • Last but not least, this back-to-school item is mostly for the parents: Nano Protection textile and leather protector. It will be your lifesaver during your child’s school year. No more stained clothes or shoes! Thanks to nano technology, this protective coat can reduce the adhesion of impurities and water droplets so when your child spills something on their clothes, it wouldn’t be stained and it will be easily removed just with water!

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