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At Nano Protection, you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to have a good deal on our products. Right now, enjoy 40% on our best-selling product: Textile and Leather protector.

What’s so great about our Textile and leather protector?

The Nano Protection Textile and leather is an intelligent cleaning product. Thanks to the advanced nano-technology, a completely invisible, hydrophobic and non-adherent protective film is formed on the treated surface. The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of the coating reduce the adhesion of impurities and water droplets, facilitating surface cleaning: it is the “easy to clean” effect. It’s like a shield for your products! Your textile and leather can now preserve its beauty longer! The best part is this protective film still lets your products breathe!
The maintenance of the treatment surface is very simple using a simple damp cloth. The use of maintenance products is no longer necessary with our waterproof fabric spray.

On what surface can I use this protector?

Our Nano Protection Textile and leather protector is great for all textile and leather surfaces. This includes many items in your household, such as your clothing and shoes, bed covers, tablecloths, armchairs, sofas, curtains, etc. Furthermore, our product is also ideal for the items outside of your home such as outdoor boots, car seats, tent and camping equipment.

Who can use this product?
Anyone that values their time and possession! Nanotechnology is safe and harmless to humans and animals, so you can use it even when having a pet.

For a limited time, try this best-selling, intelligent product for only a fraction of the retail price!

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