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ATV buying guide : A few simple tips

buying an atv guide tips things to know.

It’s almost the season for riding in the snow with an ATV! The thrill and the fun of owning one (or more) is unbeatable! However, there are many details you need to know before buying an ATV. In this article, we will show simple tips that will make your purchasing decision easier, and plus, how to maintain the beauty of your ATV!

1. Knowing and choosing the right type of ATV:

  • Do you know that there are different types of ATV? Choosing the right one that fits your needs is crucial for a fun riding experience!
  • Sport ATV: Equipped with sport performance quad with race-proven power, suspension and handling.
  • Recreation/Utility ATV: Perfect for adventurous trail-riding, camping, mudding or hunting.
  • Youth ATV: Sized right for age and ability, there are several youth model ATVs to choose from, each designed with safety features and to introduce the off-road experience to the next generation.    

2. Ask to check these details if you are buying an used ATV:

  • The tires: The tires that are safe to ride on shouldn’t have any crack on them. Consider replace the tires if you see cracks and deffects!
  • The coolant: Make sure that the ATV’s coolant looks clean, and the radiator is free from dents and bumps. It’s important to know the machine is in good shape, especially an ATV usually goes through a lot of wear and tear on rough surfaces.
  • Customization: Any modifications from the previous owner can affect your riding experience and the ATV itself

Don’t forget to also carefully inspect the bearings and ball joints, the shock,  the constant velocity (CV) boots, the air cleaner cover, the brakes, etc. 

3. Preparing to protect your ATV:

A crucial step to well maintaining any of your properties is to protect it right from the start. It’s no difference with your ATV. We recommend having all the cleaning and protection products ready right after buying your ATV. 

First, clean your ATV with our Nano-technology Ecological universal cleaner, which allows a thorough clean and prepares the surface for treatment. Next, use ATV, plastic molding and bumper protector to give the surfaces anti-adherent properties preventing dirt from attaching to your ATV. It will also make the next time cleaning much easier and faster. 

Lastly, it is ideal to get your ATV from a trusted and reputable retailer like ADM Sport, SM Sport, TY Moteurs etc.

Have fun riding!

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