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  • Anticalcaire

    Anti-limescale protector – Limescale remover – Complete set for bathroom

    From $57.97

    3-step Nano treatment!! Anti-limescale remover gel - Glass and ceramic cleaner - Glass and ceramic protective treatment! Both cleaners allow you to effectively eliminate limescale, limestone, rust and dirt without damaging the material and the protection treatment from nanotechnologies is specially designed for your windows, glass, ceramic and mirror. See the water-repellent effect, the "easy to clean" effect

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  • Verre céramique Miroir NANO

    Treatment and protector for ceramics, glass & mirror – Anti-limescale

    From $23.97

    Glass, ceramics and mirrors will now be easy to maintain with NANO products! This glass and ceramic treatment is an anti-limescale for shower glass. Both products allow you to effectively remove grease, soaps and dirt without damaging the material. Available in three sizes 50ml | 100ml | 250ml & 1L. duration of action 1yr/12 months without using a maintenance product

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  • Chrome Inox

    Chrome and stainless steel protector – Anti-limescale – Nano

    From $32.97

    The chrome and stainless steel protector treatment eliminates the slightest impurities and leaves a surface shiny and liberated from any dirt and limescale. In a second time, the treatment is invisible protection to the hydrophobic and anti-adherent properties: finished the stains that encrusts, the dirt is stopped by this invisible shield that makes the surface "easy-to-clean" duration of action of 1yr/12 month

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  • Anticalcaire

    Plastic and acrylic protector – Anti-stain treatment kit

    From $22.97

    Our plastic and acrylic protector treatment is the solution to effectively protect your plastic and acrylic surfaces and clean them simply with clear water and without leaving traces or scratches. This set of two products will allow you to treat in an optimal way all the window frames, plastic shower wall, bath, furniture, garden lounge... at a discounted rate.

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Nanotechnology treatments

Protective treatment for all porous material inside / outside, waterproofing / water repellent

Leave your ecological footprint with NANO protectors

Use only water as a cleaning product!

Our products are derived from nanotechnology!

Nanoprotection is an extremely thin, very strong and totally invisible coating that lets the material breathe, protects your surfaces by giving them anti-adhesive properties and “easy to clean”, and facilitates cleaning, since it is easy to clean. clear water without any aggressive chemicals.

During their application, the treatments form on the surface a totally invisible, hydrophobic and antiadhesive protective film. The hydrophobic and oleophobic properties of the coating reduce the adhesion of impurities and drops of water, greatly facilitating the cleaning of the treated surface: it is the “easy to clean” effect.

The treated surface can be cleaned very easily with a simple damp cloth. The use of cleaning products is no longer necessary.






What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the control and manipulation of matter at molecular and atomic levels. Drawing on advances in disciplines such as physics, chemistry, biology and computer science, nanotechnology creates and uses molecular particles, devices and composites that have special properties due to their extremely small size. These novel structures can display new phenomena not seen in the non-nano counterparts. This nanoscale matter can have a variety of possible applications–from creating superior cosmetics, paints and lubricants to detecting and treating diseases and generating energy.

To gain a greater appreciation of the scale of matter involved in nanotechnology, a strand of human hair is approximately 75,000 nanometres wide. Nanotechnology usually deals with the research and development of molecular particles, devices and composites roughly between 1 and 100 nanometres.

* Source Gouvernement of Canada website



What our customers say

“I love and recommend nano products”

“My fridge was scratched and with the stainless steel treatment it is super nice now and easy to maintain, I love and recommend.”

Bernise, Saint-Eustache

« Thank You NANO »

“I saved my daughter’s baptismal dress.” The big day came my daughter returned on her beautiful white dress.I planned to protect just in case! Thanks NANO a simple cloth and her dress was like a new one! “

Simon, Montreal

« Like new! »

“My 20-year-old shower has come back like a new one, I’m so glad I’m talking to everyone.”

Carole, Boucherville

« WOW »

“With the products I washed 16 windows in just 15 minutes, WOW, a soaking cloth and dry cloth and good evening.”

Serge, Joliette

« I recommend nano to all »

“I loved the bathroom products! They are easy to apply and are very effective! I recommend them to everyone!”

Johanne, Gatineau