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When we buy an article of any kind, we make sure that it is of the highest quality. We look for the best materials and workmanship. You’ve surely experienced this when buying clothes, furniture, appliances, a car, even a house!

But why do we pay attention to this? Well, the fact that an item is of good quality somehow guarantees that it will have an acceptable durability and resistance. In addition, it is also a guarantee that it will perform its functions in the best way.

In the same way that we look for the relationship between quality, durability and performance in our products, we often seek to protect them to further guarantee these characteristics. An excellent way to protect our belongings is through surface treatment.

The latter is something we can do even at home and at Nanoprotection we are aware of it. With 25 years of experience in marketing products to protect and waterproof surfaces, we want to tell you about 5 protection products that you should have at home. Pay attention and take note!

produits de protection

Protecting your surfaces with Nanoprotection

Fortunately, there is a wide range of products on the market that can help us. Classifying them by material of manufacture, we have compiled 5 products to protect surfaces that you should have at home, we assure you that they will be very useful. Let’s take a look!

For textiles and clothing

Pour les textiles et l'habillement

Let’s start with an excellent proposal to protect textiles: Protecteur Textile & Cuir. This product will be very useful for waterproofing, preventing stains and avoiding dirt. Best of all, Textile & Cuir is totally invisible.

Use it on your clothes, shoes, furniture such as armchairs, or accessories such as carpets or curtains. Try it, and we guarantee that the results will surprise you in a big way.

How to apply Protecteur Textile & Cuir?

Pre-clean the surface and spray the product until it soaks in, then let it dry for about two hours. After that time you can do the test: let drops of water fall on the surface treated with Textile & Cuir, and you will see how it slips.

But, all the good things don’t end there. You should know that the effects of Textile & Cuir will last for a long time: approximately one year or 30 washes.

For glass

Pour le verre

To continue, here are two great products: Vitre, Céramique et Miroir and Nettoyant Anti Calcaire. These products are ideal for protecting glass surfaces (such as windows or doors).

The first one is recommended to treat and protect glass and ceramic surfaces. This product facilitates the cleaning of these materials and can be done with water only. In addition, it protects from dirt and calcifications.

The second one has similar functions, just by knowing its name you can imagine them. This one is designed to protect surfaces that tend to get wet (such as glass or shower ceramics). It also removes some residues such as mold and mildew.

How to apply these products to protect glass?

Clean the surface to be treated (you can do this with Nettoyant décontaminant, a specialized product designed to remove impurities from glass and similar materials) and apply the desired product by spraying or sponging evenly (this will depend on the product).

Then you should spread the product with a cloth or sponge, using circular movements, then polish the surface with another cloth and wait for it to dry. After drying, the surface will be ready and you can check it by pouring some water on it.

Now you can enjoy fully protected surfaces for a long time (approximately one year or depending on use).

For metals

Pour les métaux

Protecting metal surfaces will be very easy with Chrome et Inox. The name of this product is clear: it is used to protect chrome and stainless steel surfaces, making them easier to clean and easier to maintain.

Thanks to its waterproofing and anti-limescale effects, it is ideal for treating surfaces of household appliances with metal housings, kitchens, taps, etc.

How do I apply Chrome & Inox?

Clean the surface to be treated in the same way. Then, spray Chrome & Inox evenly and spread with a cloth using circular movements. Polish with another cloth and let it dry. Once the product has dried, the surface is ready. The duration of this treatment is approximately one year.

For ceramic seals

Pour les joints en céramique

Do you have ceramic tiles at home? You’ve probably noticed that your seals tend to get dirty or fungus-filled on a regular basis. Luckily, there is a wonderful product called Hydrofuge Joint de Carrelage. It will protect your tile seals from mold, mildew, moisture, dirt and other debris.

How to apply Carrelage Hydrofuge Joint?

Clean the tile seals, you can do this by washing with a brush or sanding. Remember that a good cleaning will guarantee a good protection. Let the surface dry and then apply the product with a brush, until it soaks in. Let it dry for one day.

After that time, your ceramic tile seals will be fully protected. We guarantee that the surface protection will last approximately ten years.

Do you have any doubts? Contact us

If you have reached this point, it means that you now know five great products for the protection of various types of surfaces that you should have at home and how to use them. One last recommendation in this regard is to always take the necessary protective measures (using gloves, goggles and mask).

We hope these tips and recommendations will be useful to you and encourage you to protect your surfaces to optimize their durability and quality. If you wish to purchase any of these products you can do so by clicking here.

Visit our online store, because there you can find these and a wide variety of other products to waterproof and protect surfaces home, for sports and outdoor equipment, and for cars, motorcycles and boats. You can also explore our kits.

Have questions? Contact us. Remember that we are Nanoprotection and we are experts in this area, we innovate in surface treatment!


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