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NanotechnologieCar care: take it to the next level with nanotechnology

If you own a vehicle, you know how complicated its maintenance can be. But, being such a fundamental tool to be able to mobilize ourselves, without a doubt, the maintenance, although expensive, is worth it. Car care is vital for it to function optimally in every way.

We often talk about car care at an internal level: the engine, its brakes, etcetera. However, what about its exterior, seats and upholstery? There are many products and tools on the market that allow you to leave your car shiny, but, to some extent, they all have a weak point.

Continuing with the above mentioned, for example, the paste: it polishes and leaves the car’s paint shiny, yes. The disadvantage is that it wears it and also, its effect lasts very little.

We could go on talking about more products and tools to take care of the car. However, we have a better proposal. Do you know nanotechnology? If you are a reader of our blog, surely you do. Well, in case you don’t we will talk a little bit about it, as you know, in Nanoprotection we specialize in the matter.

We will propose some better alternatives to conventional car care products. All of them are based on nanotechnology and best of all: they are high quality, eco-friendly and long lasting. Do you want to know them? Let’s get to know them.

What is nanotechnology and how does it relate to surface protection?

First things first, let’s talk about nanotechnology, I’m sure you’ve heard its name somewhere, but, little else. That’s all over now. You should know that nanotechnology is a science applied to the manipulation of matter.

“What’s so new about that?”, you’re probably wondering. Let’s take it easy, let’s take it one step at a time. Well, it happens that nanotechnology allows us to manipulate matter, but not in the way we are used to, but on an extremely small scale, in nanometers! To give you an idea, a nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter.

Nanotechnology is a field that has enabled many advances in branches such as medicine. However, another branch quite experienced in this applied science is that of surface protection and cleaning. The products you will see below are a clear example of this, let’s talk a little about them!

Taking care of your car with nanotechnology!

Nanoprotection specializes in the manufacture of products for the care, protection and cleaning of surfaces. We have product lines focused on household, miscellaneous items and one for various types of automobiles (cars, motorcycles, boats, etc.).

As you can guess, we will focus on the last one. Today we want to introduce you to a wonderful kit that brings together six of our star products for the care of vehicles: from their paint and other exterior elements to their upholstery.

Without further ado, get ready to meet our fabulous Superior car treatment – Nano ceramic protectionIn it you will find the following:

céramic + Nano céramique

Ceramic +

Let’s start from the outside, from the exterior of the car and take the example given in the introduction of the text. Let’s talk about the car’s paint. We have already said that there are products such as paste that, although they give a good look to the car, their effect is quite counterproductive with the paint.

Therefore, we propose a wonderful product: Ceramic +. As its name suggests, it is a ceramic coating for the paint and other metallic elements of your car. Incredible, isn’t it? Protection you can’t resist, as our slogan says.

Its application is simple and you can learn about it in the link above in the section called “description”. Ceramic + offers the same benefits as the polishing paste. With many more advantages: no waste of paint, stays shiny forever, only requires water for washing and the best: the effects last approximately 5 years.


Decontaminant cleaner

Let’s continue talking about the exterior of the car, in this case, the windows, the chassis and other metal parts. Obviously, they need to be taken care of because they have important functions: stability, visibility, protection from the weather and other external agents.

For this purpose, we propose a wonderful trio of products, starting with this item. We begin with Décontaminant cleaner. As its name suggests, it is a product whose function is to clean.

It is useful on surfaces such as glass, metal and ceramics (so its use at home is not excluded either). It is an excellent cleaner and remover of all types of impurities and complements perfectly with the next product in this fabulous kit.

Vitres autonettoyantes NANOSelf-cleaning windows

Our next product, complementing the previous one, self-cleaning windows. As its name indicates, it is a product that makes the cleaning of the glass automatic. It is designed for outdoor use, so it is perfect for the car, its windshields and windows.

Learn more about it in the link above. It is also easy to apply and long lasting. It provides a similar effect to Ceramic +, but for windows: in combination with Ceramic +, your car will only need water to be cleaned (even with rainwater), which is a great saving.


Bodywork Cleaner and Decontaminant

The fabulous trio ends here, wit bodywork cleaner and decontaminant. This is a product also designed to be used prior to exterior treatments such as Ceramic +. It is very useful to clean the car bodywork when the dirt is very deep and even embedded.

Textile & Leather Stain Remover

And, now we move on to the car interiors. Let’s not fool ourselves, we are always looking for the interior of our car to be as comfortable as possible and with the most pleasant atmosphere. How can we achieve this? With a good cleaning and for this we propose two interesting products.

The first one is Textile & leather stain remover. It has a very similar function to the previous product on this list, but for textile and leather materials. Are the upholstery or seats of your car full of dust or annoying stains that have existed for years? It may seem like a hassle to deal with, but, for this product it is not.

You simply spray a little on the affected surface, let it sit, remove residue and…. As if by magic, your textile surface will be as good as new. Don’t you think so?

Protector Textile & Leather treatment

As we said, the care for the interior of the car was divided into two parts. Let’s suppose you cleaned your seats and upholstery with Textile & leather stain remover. It was as good as new, but what can we do to make it get dirty again so easily?

Protector textile & leather treatment comes to the rescue! It is a product, also designed for textile surfaces, as its name suggests and has very interesting functions, such as repelling liquids and other types of dirt. This greatly facilitates the cleaning of these surfaces, preventing them from staining or soiling.

Need to protect more surfaces? Entrust them to Nanoprotection

As you have seen, car care has never been easier. Nanotechnology is certainly wonderful. We hope that your doubts about it have been clarified and that you now know a little more about the benefits and advances that nanotechnology offers for the care of surfaces in general. In short, at Nanoprotection we specialize in this field!

If you are interested in our Superior car treatment – Nano ceramic protection, we invite you to visit our online store, where you will find a wide variety of products for surface care, not only for cars, as we have said, we have specialized lines for the home and even for sports equipment.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us! Don’t think twice and trust your surfaces to the protection you can’t resist. Do you want more information about products or tips like todays? Visit our blog or find us on your favorite social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Team Nano


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